3 Steps for Hiring Virtual Writers


Transcribing his notes


Planning on starting a digital marketing business, an SEO company, or a content creation service? You should know that the life blood of your business will be your virtual writers. These people can work remotely or from an office you provide, but they all have one purpose – and that is to provide your clients with great content that they can use to boost their brand and increase their online presence. If you’re planning on hiring a bunch of virtual writers, be sure to take these three essential steps with you during the process to get the best writers for your business.

1. Post Job Listings – The best way to get virtual writers is of course, by hiring them online. Because they don’t really need too much commitment and because they can do their work from home, it would be best to keep your virtual writers remote to eliminate the need for expensive overhead costs. Post job listings through online websites and other pages like virtual writer groups that will help those interested and qualified catch wind of your opening. This is a free and easy way to find the right applicants for the job. Learn more about how to find writer, go here.

2. Writing Test – Anyone can say that they’re a good writer, but not everyone will actually be able to prove that. if you’re looking for a specific voice, style, or niche writer, you best put your applicants through a writer test. This will help you identify who can write the way you want and who doesn’t meet the standards. Be sure to put a time limit on your writing test to see how fast they can turn over their work, and be sure to give them a unique topic so as to prevent them from just ripping off any articles they might know or have lying around.

3. Probationary Phase – Once you’ve chosen which of the applicants are a fit for your job, you shouldn’t be too quick to make a hire. That means you should be careful to just pay anyone who might not be able to stay for too long with your company. As a general rule, business owners who want to establish trust with their new virtual writers should be willing to make payments on shorter deadlines during the start. This means you should pay your writers every week to start so they know you’re not fooling them. then as you establish trust, you can work on bimonthly payments, or even monthly payments depending on your writers’ preference. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_community for more information.


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