3 Mistakes People Make When Hiring Virtual Writers

Man's hands typing on laptop keyboard

With online businesses and SEO companies booming in recent years, the need for good virtual writers has seen a steady rise. These days, it’s important for digital marketing companies to find worthy virtual writers as these employees are the life blood of any self respecting digital marketing business. Of course, in a business owner’s rush to find good writers, it’s common to fall into a bad hire. If you want to make sure all the virtual writers you take are worth the time and money, be sure to steer clear of these three common mistakes people make when hiring virtual writers. Here’s a  good read about content development strategy, check it out!

1. Hiring Without a Writing Test – It’s easy for someone to lie over the internet. All they need to do is prepare a fake resume and they can be “experienced” content writers for how many number of years they want to say. The best way to really tell if a virtual writer is a good one is by giving them a writing test to start with. You might want to pay for this initial test just to prove that you’re not scamming them into writing for you without compensation. Use a unique topic and be sure to check for plagiarism to avoid content fraud. Find out for further details on ghostwriter right here.

2. Not Conducting an Interview – One of the things that you really need to do when you hire a virtual writer is to conduct an interview. Of course, they might be a few miles away, but there are alternatives other than just seeing each other face to face. Video calling will help you establish if the person you’re hiring is really the person they say they are and not just part of an agency. This also helps to learn more about them, allowing you insight into how they conduct their service and if they’re the kind of virtual writer that will stay loyal for the long haul.

3. Not Paying Short Term First – For a lot of virtual writers, payment can be a very serious and daunting aspect of online work. There are just as many unscrupulous employers as there are virtual writers, so they’re always careful to fall into a bad hire. If you want to make sure that your writers trust you, consider paying them short term at first. You can split payments into weeks, providing them compensation at the end of every work week. Later on, when you establish a trust with them, you can spread out payments a little more to make it easier on you. Kindly visit this website http://www.ehow.com/how_2054666_write-ebook.html for more useful reference.


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